Happy birthday Jesus

And on this day a child is born
Let’s sing dance & sound the horn
For He was sent to reign with cheer
With love kindness & all that is dear
With so much forgiveness & compassion
Whilst aware of His life’s conclusion
He came to show us God’s grace & mercy
To lead us to a life of glorious eternity
Born as a king died as an outcast
His legacy will always surpass
Granting joy & peace amongst us
So rejoice the birth of baby Jesus


I am loyal
In absence
In distance
I will never abandon ship
Even if the captain commands me to
This is a partnership
A commitment
And I am in this for the long haul
When the grounds are dried up
When the oceans crash
When the chase is stormy and doubtful
I will be here for the forever
For the “till death do us part”

God knows

You took my pain
You took my suffering
You took my shame
As an offering
You know my heart
You know my part
I don’t need
To clutch on to my pride
You will always
Stand by my side
I just need to trust and believe
To follow you and I’ll achieve

Glorious beam of light

You coat the earth
With Your love
You shower us
With Your grace
We live to see another day
Because You are King
We are forgiven because
You reign
You sent Your Son
To walk amongst us
Because Your love is so deep
Jesus suffered so that we can
Receive another chance
All You ask in return
Is our faith in You
To walk our lives
Alongside You
To hold Your hand
And believe
To shine
Your light through us

Unfailing grace

Your presence beckons me
Calling me near
But I am not worthy
A mere mortal
Though your creation
I am still filled with sin
Though you forgive me
I feel undeserving
Your love
Your grace
Your sacrifice
All for me


And then God said to me
“Have patience with me
Like you have
In growing your hair
Have patience with yourself
Like you have with
The blossoming leaves of your plants
Good things take time
But greater things
Take more time
You won’t see any change or progress
But I promise you
You will reap the victory in the end
I will not let you walk dry paths alone
I am always with you my child
You will be great
Because you are loved
By me”


I go out with friends
Just to ignore the pain
To act as if
Everything is fine
To feel normal again
In my happy conversations
I pretend all is well
When in fact
I’m hurting inside
The thought of you
With another
Pierce’s a nail through my heart
Each time
And when I bump into you
I bury my feelings away
As quickly as it arises
What do you dream of at night?
Do you see me in your dreams?
Because I dream of your face every night
I touch your hand each time
And wish to never wake up

A lovers timeline

We met as strangers
Awkward smiles
More conversation
An exchange of personal information
We have our first date
We grow in fondness
We start to fall in love
We build a life together
It takes up most of each other’s time
We start to have disagreements
Saying hurtful words
We fall out of love
We grow in hate
Bit by bit we end our life together
Withholding personal information
A bit of small talk
Our last date
An awkward smile
We part as strangers